This web page represents our Terms of Use and Sale (“Agreement”) regarding our website, located at, and the tools we provide you (the “Website” or the “Service”). It was last posted on 20 December 2019. The terms, “we” and “our” as used in this Agreement refer to

We may amend this Agreement at any time by posting the amended terms on our Website. We may or may not post notices on the homepage of our Website when such changes occur.

We refer to this Agreement, our Privacy Policy accessible at, and any other terms, rules, or guidelines on our Website collectively as our “Legal Terms.” You explicitly and implicitly agree to be bound by our Legal Terms each time you access our Website. If you do not wish to be so bound, please do not use or access our Website.

A User or Subscriber is a visitor to our website and to any of our community sites (both “Site”) and anyone who uses any of the services of Tommys Bet Tips. Or whoever enters into a Subscriber Relationship with the Service Provider, or, subject to any relevant provisions applicable to him or her, also who becomes acquainted with the Services for viewing or inquiries. If you start using or become aware of any element of the Service, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Policy.
Tommys Bet Tips is entitled to change the Policy at any time.

You may inform the Users of the modification by notice on the website or, if the Service Provider so decides, by email. By notification, the User accepts the Code and any amendments thereto. All information related to the operation of the Site and its services, and other documents linked to from this Policy (such as the Privacy Policy). They are part of the Terms and Conditions and are binding on all Users without separate legal action. The Service Provider already excludes any delay, error, obstruction, restriction, etc., arising from the e-mail, as it is not to blame. As a result, the User may not enforce any claim against the Service Provider in this respect, and this obligation (subject to acceptance by the GTC) is specifically aimed at waiving the right. User may contact the communications service provider directly for such a claim.

Key features and elements of the service

  • The Site and the Service are only available to Users over the age of 18.
  • The Subscriber declares that he / she is not a member, owner, or manager of a group, organization, company or enterprise engaged in the same or similar activities as the Service Provider. The subscriber further declares that he is not a relative or a close relative of the persons listed above.
  • The purpose of the Service is to provide users with advice on betting opportunities available in the sports betting market. The Site provides information, advice and guidance to those interested in the topic. Any information, advice and guidance (hereinafter referred to as “information”) reflects solely the views expressed by the Service Provider. It is not the responsibility of a future secure event, the occurrence or non-occurrence of which the Service Provider assumes no liability and disclaims any liability in advance, in particular, but not exclusively, because it has no influence on it. Based on this known information, the user of the service is free to decide whether or not to adopt it. He alone is responsible for making this decision, and is solely responsible for the consequences of his decision.
  • Service Provider reserves the right to modify or terminate any content on the Site at any time without prior notice. Modify the appearance, content, and operation of those against which no one may claim any legal interest, subject to the foregoing.
  • Any modification or attempt to modify the content, protection, access, circumvention, disclosure or retransmission of all or any part of the Site is considered an infringement. This will result in definitive disqualification and legal consequences from the Site and related services.
  • The Site is an independent site and is not owned by a gambling organization. The Service Provider is not a gambling organization, it is not influenced by a third party, it only makes its decisions by examining external circumstances. The information contained herein is for information and entertainment purposes only.
  • The Service Provider is entitled to use any form of ideas, ideas and other materials provided by the User to the Site. Including free-of-charge reproduction, transmission, publication, reproduction, distribution, communication to the public, retransmission, retransmission and broadcasting.
  • Any know-how, copyrighted work, relating to the Service Provider’s activities, operations, provision of the Service, and any information provided or made available by the User. Intellectual Performance, Appearance, or any other right which may be included in such intellectual property shall be wholly owned by the Service Provider. Thus, the created or future creation, information, is fully owned by the Service Provider, or is transferred to the Service Provider free of charge by accepting the Terms of Use with respect to the information provided by the User. No rights or additional payment claims shall be due to the User, without any further legal action by the Service Provider.

    The User shall not post or use the creation, service or the activities of the Service Provider for any purpose (eg advertising, visual, audio or video) in any form, solely and exclusively within the scope and limits of the use of the service. The User is required to keep any and all knowhow rights, copyrights, unique knowledge, special procedures or confidential business knowledge of which he or she has become aware. You have no right, directly or indirectly, to use the contents of it, to make it available to any third party, or to make it usable. All such unique knowledge shall be treated as confidential. User undertakes to maintain confidentiality of information about the Service Provider and its potential business partners and to use it solely for the purposes of this Agreement and for its own benefit within the framework of the service.

Confidential information

The following shall also be considered confidential information: any documentation, document, document, letter containing information provided by the Principal; – oral or other non-written information. In all cases, information that is personal information under the Self-Determination and Freedom of Information Act and Act XLVI of 1993 on Statistics TV. According to the definition in Section 17 para. Confidential information may not be made available to anyone else.

From the receipt of the confidential information from the Service Provider, the User is obliged to take the same information protection measures as he / she takes to protect his / her confidential information. At least the measures, limitations and data subject to this Agreement shall apply to data subject to data protection law and to the extent that such data are required by applicable law and this contract. If User breaches the above or any breach of his confidentiality obligations, he shall be fully liable for damages.

Notwithstanding these provisions, any breach of the confidentiality obligation by the User’s contributor shall be deemed to be a breach of the obligation by the User. The User shall keep the confidential information for an indefinite period after the entry into force of the contract. In addition, any facts, information, solutions or data related to the economic activity, other than the information described in connection with the activity, the confidentiality of which is in the interest of the Service Provider shall also be considered business secrets.

Free services

  • Content on sports betting and sports events is displayed on the Site. The Site regularly publishes news content and headlines (eg current statistics, results achieved, reports) that present, compare, evaluate and update the Services, taking into account the needs of the target audience, together referred to as “Service Content”.
  • In all cases, the Service Provider content reflects the author’s subjective, independent opinion and contains, in accordance with the nature of the product, selected, factual, relevant data and information. Directly or indirectly (via links), subject to the intended purpose of the target audience, depending on the nature and subject matter of the Site or the Provider Content.
  • The User acknowledges that any sports betting on which the Service Provider provides information is a risk. Therefore, the Service Provider disclaims all liability.

Paid services

  • A paid portion of the Service Provider Content shall be made available to users by payment of the membership fee specified in the prospectus in the form specified by the Service Provider, provided that the amount is credited to the Service Provider’s account. The user can purchase a subscription by bank card via STRIPE / PAYPAL / BARION or with Paypal (with bank card or Paypal account) payments. Upon payment, the subscriber will immediately be added to the list of eligible service users, who will be notified by email.
  • There is never any reason to refund a paid membership fee. As soon as the User becomes in possession of the paid content, he / she becomes a “Subscriber” and has no right of withdrawal or ordinary termination.
  • Our subscribers can read up-to-date sports betting reviews and tips from the football offerings, which they can bet on at Online Betting Offices. The tips and analyzes are for informational purposes only and are based on individual insights and are reproduced at your own risk as described above.
  • The User is obliged to adhere to the Terms of Use and the appropriate ethical standards on the Site. You may not make offensive comments or make false accusations / defamations, including but not limited to the Site and the Service. Otherwise, it may be automatically excluded from the Service at the discretion of the Service Provider.
  • The User acknowledges that any sports betting on which the Service Provider provides information is a risk. Therefore, the Service Provider disclaims all liability.
  • The User is obliged to provide personal data (real name, registered address, live email address) required for the issuance of an electronic invoice proving the use of the service.
  • The Service Provider is entitled to change the distribution of the service within a day. If there are no sports betting events of sufficient quality to provide the service within a given day, no betting tips will be posted on that day in lesser or, in extreme cases. The Service Provider shall compensate for this by replacing the previously unavailable amount of services at the appropriate time.

The service provider reserves the right not to provide betting information for Esport events. This right of the service provider applies to all Esport events without time limit.

The organization of the events is not the responsibility of the service provider, therefore the service provider does not take any responsibility for the damages resulting from the delay of the events.

The user accepts and at the same time declares that he does not make any claim for damages against the service provider.

Possible violations and consequences of using the Service

  • The Service Provider also emphasizes that the sharing of service content sent to the Subscriber with the Subscriber-initiated third party infringes copyright. The Service Provider will always take legal action (damages, copyright, damages, etc.) to put an end to the infringement.
  • The Service may only be used in accordance with applicable law, without prejudice to the rights of third parties and the Service Provider, and subject to these Rules. If a User uses the Service in a manner contrary to the provisions of these Rules, or by law or otherwise, the Service Provider is entitled to take the necessary legal steps to hold the User liable.

Indemnification / refunds

As previously described, the Service Provider excludes any liability for damages. This applies to the cost of the subscription or the betting stake used by the user during sports betting. The Service Provider also excludes any other liability for damages arising from the Service.


The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, completeness or suitability of the service for a particular purpose. In addition, the Service Provider shall not be liable if it has acted as would normally be expected in the given situation. (such as technical failure or outage on the Internet, technical downtime of any origin, break, destructive applications or programs by others, etc.).

The Service Provider shall not be liable for any consequences resulting from incorrect data provided while using the service.

Interfaces provided by the Service Provider may include links to interfaces operated by third parties. The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for or verifies the content of these links or the pages they call.

The Service Provider disclaims all liability for any material or non-pecuniary damage and other damage caused by the User or otherwise caused by the User’s behavior or other consequences.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages in connection with the service relationship.

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