What do the conversion percentages that are published mean?

If you’ve been following for a while, or you’re new to my site, you may rightly have a question. What do these conversion percentages mean on the page? How were these calculated? In this post, I will answer these questions for you. how do did i calculate the performance percentages

The starting points are as follows

Value of a bet: 100%

Suppose we place a bet on a football match with a odd of 1.7.

We have two options. The bet either wins or loses.

1. When a bet loses it means: -100%
So this is how much our result is reduced.
2. When the bet wins, due to the 1.7 odds, their result is: + 70%
So that’s how much our balance grows.

Based on the descriptions, let’s see a series of examples

6 matches in a row with odds and results.

Tip 1, odds: 1.79, win = + 79%
Tip 2, odds: 1.95, lose = -100%
Tip 3, odds: 1.85, win = + 85%
Tip 4, odds: 1.70, win = + 70%
Tip 5, odds: 1.75, lose = -100%
Tip 6, odds: 1.82, win = + 82%

Results percentage:
79-100+85+70-100+82= “+116%”

What does that mean then?

If your betting unit was $ 10 for each match every day, you won +1.16 units, or $ 11.6 plus. That means you made $ +11.6 with an investment of $ 10, so you doubled your money in just 6 days.

If it’s still not clear and you want to see it more clearly, let’s look at your balance after each match:

Example bet on each tip is: 10 USD

Tip 1, odds: 1.79, win = + 79%
balance: (10+7,9): 17,9 USD

Tip 2, odds: 1.95, lose = -100%
balance (17,9-10): 7,9 USD

Tip 3, odds: 1.85, win = + 85%
balance: (7,9+8,5): 16,4 USD

Tip 4, odds: 1.70, win = + 70%
balance: (16,4+7): 23,4 USD

Tip 5, odds: 1.75, lose = -100%
balance: (23,4-10): 13,4 USD

Tip 6, odds: 1.82, win = + 82%
balance: (13,4+8,2): 21,6 USD

The result is that your $ 10 balance grows to $ 21.6 in 6 days.

What you can see is that you can double your money in as little as a few days, but that requires more winning matches than losing. That’s what I’m working on.

When you enter the VIP package, I will deliver the tips I consider to be winning day by day (click to JOIN).

All you need to know is that this is a long process based on mathematical calculations. If you want to get rich from tomorrow, you are not in the right place and I cannot guarantee that your balance will be positive at the end of a month.

The example also shows that it is not worthwhile to put your full bankroll into the first match. If you bet everything on the first match, you may not win. I usually put up 5 to 10 percent of my betting bankroll for a match. That way I have my money left for the next bet even if the prediction loses.

You have to accept that this is a sports bet and so nothing is certain.

If you see, for example, 957% of last month’s earnings on my page, it is based on the calculations described above and means that with a $ 10 bet, you earned $ +95 that month (this is just an example).

In this case, we are talking about making the same bet for each match. At that time, we did not even talk about strategic options. Such strategies include betting on the next match after a losing match to offset your previous rhyme. Another option is split bet placement if you bet on multiple matches with different units on the same day. I will write about these options in a separate post.

Be aware that published percentage results do not contain a strategic combination. So the calculation starts from placing a bet of the same size for each match. So without any strategic combination, months are usually profitable at different values.

The results, on the other hand, justify me. All my previous bets are public and available if you click here.

GOOD LUCK in the sports bettings world!

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